Opting for organic products is the best alternative to lead a healthy life, as they do not contain additives or preservatives. Consuming them we collaborate in the conservation of the environment, we avoid the contamination of the earth, the water and the air and we prevent the disappearance of some varieties of great nutritional and cultural value
As you know it is very important to have a healthy life to have a good diet, but to have a good health does not need to harm the environment, we recommend some proposals to have a good diet and also not harm the environment.
Here we suggest you to see a website where there are numerous recipes to inspire you and cook a good rich and healthy food from an expert on food.
Organize group excursions and while doing physical activity, we collect waste from the streets to help the environment. It´s a very good way to combine helping ourselves with helping the planet.
1. Practice moderate exercise, regularly and during the day, preferably in the morning or early in the afternoon. Never at night.
2. Avoid high fat dinners. Pasta, vegetables and dairy products are an ideal dinner. Moderate intake of exciting drinks and alcohol.
3. Try the absence of light and noise in the room where you go to sleep.
4. Establish a routine of regular hours at bedtime: always at the same time and get up 8 hours later.
5. Disconnect your mobile phone and internet, and avoid social networks at least 2 hours before bedtime.
6. Avoid working or watching television in bed
7. As far as possible, avoid conflicts, planning.
8. Perform a relaxing activity before going to bed, such as doing yoga.
Reflect before going to sleep on what has been done during the day, if it has been a good day and think what we would like to do the next day, in addition, if we have complied with the above, we get to go to bed feeling fulfilled.
We believe that it is necessary to ask ourselves if we are taking care of the planet in which we live, or if we are doing something to improve it. Because with a grain of sand a mountain is made.
What motivates you to take care of the environment?
Do you use cleaning products that respect the environment?
Being the dominant species, does it give us responsibility for other species?
Use natural and cruelty free products, both corporal and capillary. Thus our skin receives a more natural care, instead of so many chemicals, and thus we avoid that the animals suffer and die in the process. It is sustainable because many brands use recycled packaging and for their production sustainable energy sources.
It is advisable to shower regularly for good personal hygiene. Showering too much, however, can have a potentially damaging effect on the skin. Every time you take a shower with soap and a cloth or a loofah, hot water and soap dissolve the lipids in your skin. In addition, the expense of water poses a danger to the environment.